Zimbabwe Torture Victims Project

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Zimbabwe Torture Victims Project

"The Southern African Centre for Survivors of Torture (SACST) is a non-governmental organisation based in Johannesburg dedicated to the promotion and provision of medical, psychosocial and legal services to primary victims/survivors of organised violence and torture. The SACST flagship project, the Zimbabwe Torture Victims Project (ZTVP), was established in 2005 to provide assistance to torture victims and survivors fleeing deteriorating and abusive conditions in Zimbabwe." [1]

"IDASA’s Zimbabwe Torture Victims Project (ZTVP) was established in January 2005, to address growing concerns that many Zimbabweans who had left the country were victims of organized violence and torture, and as such were in need of medical and psycho-social assistance - Zimbabwean human rights organisations have recorded several thousand cases relating to incidents that have occurred since 2000." [2]

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