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The Wyoming Policy Institute (WPI) is a right-wing advocacy group based in Wyoming. It was a member of the State Policy Network, a web of state pressure groups that denote themselves as "think tanks" and drive a right-wing agenda in statehouses nationwide, but is no longer listed as one. WPI was formed in June 2011, but did not receive 501(c)(3) non-profit status from the IRS until July 2013 (when it backdated its status to June 2011).[1] Its executive director, Janie White, had originally told the Casper Star-Tribune in June 2013 that she thought "her organization may have been one of the groups flagged for extra scrutiny by the IRS" although she said "it is not associated with the Tea Party."[2] White said "that some of the words on her website and mission statement could have been on the lists the IRS maintained." However, the Star-Tribune noted that two other local organizations without any political involvement -- Poverty Resistance Thrift Store and Food Bank, and Central Wyoming Skating Association -- had also waited (or were then waiting) months or years to receive nonprofit status.[1] Correspondence between WPI and the IRS is available here.



  • Total Revenue: $34,875
  • Total Expenses: $22,875
  • Net Assets: $0



As of November 2013:[4]:

  • Janie White, Executive Director (former Principal Accountant, State of Wyoming; former Management Analyst, United States Department of Defense)[5]
  • Lars Lone (former Surface Warfare Officer, Navy; personal security and VIP protection specialist), Private Property Policy Analyst
  • Stacie McDonald, Energy Policy Analyst (Boardmember, Wyoming Women’s Foundation)
  • Doug Watford, Healthcare Policy Analyst

Board of Directors

As of March 2013:[3]

  • Robert Frohnapfel, Chairman
  • Wayne Barrington, Vice Chairman
  • Ed White (Janie White's husband), Secretary

However, WPI's website lists Janie White as Secretary of the Board as of November 2013,[4] and WPI's 2012 990 notes, "A member of the Board of Directors is the spouse of the current Executive Director. He is filling this role until another member can be found."[3]

Contact Details

Wyoming Policy Institute
P.O. Box 2325
Cheyenne, WY 82003
Phone: (307) 286-3411
Web: http://wyomingpolicy.org/

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