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The Eigth Congress was held in 2005.

"Distinguished Honorary Co-Chairs from the host state of Alaska will convene the 8th World Wilderness Congress. The Executive Committee, coordinated by The WILD Foundation, is charged with identifying conservation objectives and organizing the program, with advice from an expert panel of Senior Advisors and an Advisory Group representing diverse interests." [1]

Some of the "influential and accomplished people who have confirmed their attendance" at the 7th WWC (South Africa, November 2001) were: Michael Soule, Martin von Hildebrand, Vandana Shiva, Wangari Maathai, Ian Player, Walter Lusigi, Credo Mutwa, Michael Fay, Mohamed T. El-Ashry, Ian Douglas Hamilton, Bittu Sahgal, and M. A. Partha Sarathy. [2] Sponsors included Compaq, Anglo American , Wildlands Trust , and South African Airways.

WILD9, was convened from 6-13 November 2009 in Merida, Mexico with 1800 delegates from 50 nations.

WILD10, "Salamanca, Spain. October 11, 2013 -- Over 1000 delegates from more than 65 nations -- conservationists, scientists, government officials, Indigenous leaders, artists and others - -and many others from the general public in Spain, filled the medieval city center of Salamanca to explore, debate, connect and forge partnerships and implement targeted actions to value and protect wild nature around the world, and to protect its benefits for human society." [1] CoalitionWILD

Honorary Co-Chairs [3]

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Executive Committee [5]

Sponsors [6]

"The World Wilderness Congress is a non-profit initiative founded (1977) and managed by The WILD Foundation. It has no permanent funding and each WWC achieves its conservation objectives through the generous support of financial sponsors, the work of volunteers and organizations that provide valuable in-kind help, and the delegates that support the Congress and our scholarship program through their registration fees. Many of the delegates who come from less developed countries are sponsored through funds raised by WILD and its partners.

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