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Wolf Blitzer is the anchor of CNN's The Situation Room and the lead anchor for the network's political coverage of the 2008 presidential elections.

Blitzer began his career in 1972 with the Reuters news agency in Tel Aviv. Shortly thereafter, he became a Washington, D.C., correspondent for The Jerusalem Post. After more than 15 years of reporting from the nation's capital, Blitzer joined CNN in 1990 as the network's military-affairs correspondent at the Pentagon. He served as CNN's senior White House correspondent covering President Bill Clinton from his election in November 1992 until 1999.[1]

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Wolf Blitzer served as lobbyist for the powerful American Israeli Public Affairs Committee AIPAC. He also wrote for the organization's main publication Mideast Reports. An ardent advocate of Israel and AIPAC, Wolf Blitzer participated in a debate with Proffessor Finkelstein in 1989.