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William R. Godfrey

"Mr. Godfrey is president of the Environic Foundation International (EFI). The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation established in the United States in 1970 to promote environmental research and education.

"Since 2002, Mr. Godfrey has spearheaded EFI’s Education for Sustainable Societies (ESS) project. The objectives of Sustainable Societies are to increase social, economic, and environmental sustainability issue understanding and develop peoples’ ability to design strategies that address their sustainability challenges.

"Mr. Godfrey also developed EFI’s Environing Workshop and Environing Workbook -- a workshop-based process to assist communities in analyzing their local sustainability issues and developing better-integrated sustainable development strategies.

"During the last ten years, he has lectured and directed workshops on how to integrate social, economic and environmental issues into academic and professional education at colleges and universities, national and international conferences, and international summits in the United States, Mexico and Africa. Most recently, Mr. Godfrey was the lead author for Sustainable Societies-Africa, a UNEP funded project designed to mainstream environment and sustainability education in African universities.

"Mr. Godfrey learned about cultures, climates and challenges during twenty-years working as senior architect on projects in North America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. His projects received awards for excellence in architecture, environmental engineering and planning, and ranged from individual buildings to local ecosystems and new cities.

"Mr. Godfrey’s interest in developing practical sustainability education and designing with the environment began in the mid-1970s with his graduate thesis which documented ecological issues and design guidelines for coastal and marine environments.

"Mr. Godfrey was a founder of the United States Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development (USPESD). He earned his Master of Science in Environic Design, Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Arts (Government) degrees from the University of Notre Dame." [1]

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