William J. Lacey, Jr.

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Colonel William J. Lacey, Jr. was, according to a press release on July 30, 2003, "appointed CEO of HiEnergy Defense, Inc." (a subsidiary of HiEnergy Technologies, Inc.), "that will focus on developing and marketing defense applications of HiEnergy's SuperSenzor technology."

"Col. Lacey has thirty years of diversified responsibility within Department of Defense (DoD) management, including senior executive level positions in congressional relations, program development and management, test design and analysis, program development and administration, research, development, test and evaluation of major weapons systems.

"Mr. Lacey is currently employed by Technology Team, Inc., which has been supporting the Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Partnership for Peace Information Management System in the role of Program Manager/Regional Specialist and Senior Policy Analyst. His areas are counterterrorism, mine detection, border control, military medicine, and weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Lacey has worked as chief executive or manager with several corporations, including Technology Team Inc., Integrated Concepts & Research Corporation, Militec, Inc., EWA, Inc. and LCC, Inc. He served in combat as a Special Forces Officer. During the Vietnam conflict, he was awarded two Silver Stars for valor, four Bronze Stars for valor and service and two Purple Hearts for wounds sustained. He was also awarded the Legion of Merit. Mr. Lacey has graduated from the University of Rhode Island and Defense Systems Management College and is an MS Candidate, Business Administration, at the University of Southern Illinois."

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