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"Originally established in 2005, the Wild Europe initiative promotes a coordinated strategy for protection and restoration of wilderness and large wild areas of natural process and habitat, addressing the threats and opportunities facing them.

"Wild Europe was formally launched in 2009 at an EC Presidency conference in Prague which was opened by Vaclav Havel, former Czech President and author of the ‘Velvet Revolution’." [1]

"The Wild Europe initiative currently includes representatives and individuals from the following organizations:

Wild Europe Executive Committee as at May 2018 [1]

  • Ladislav Miko (Chair) Head of EU Commission representation in Slovakia,

former Director of Natural Environment at European Commission DG Environment, subsequently Deputy Director General, DG SANCO.

Former director, UNESCO Ecology and Earth Sciences division

Former European Commission DG EnvB3

Former President, Europarc Federation. WWF DCP


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