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The Western Plant Health Association (WPHA) represents "the interests of the fertilizer and crop protection manufacturers, distributors, formulators and retailers in California, Arizona and Hawaii. WPHA members market commercial fertilizers, soil amendments, agricultural minerals and crop protection products." [1]]


In April 2004, the California Plant Health Association (CPHA) announced that it would change its name to Western Plant Health Association to represent "the regulatory, legislative and communications interests" of its member companies. [2]

The CPHA itself had been formed in late 2000 as a result of the merger of the California Fertilizer Association and the Western Crop Protection Association. [3]

In 2003 and early 2004 the CPHA unsuccessfully campaigned against the Mendocino Country Measure H to ban the genetically engineered crops. The group spent $34,366 in December 2003 hiring the Sacramento-based law firm Olsen, Hagel & Fishburn in an unsuccessful attempt to sue the county to force a change in the wording of the proposed measure. [4]

Other groups hired as part of the campaign were the market research group Nichols Research Group and Woodward & McDowell, a Burlingame political consulting and PR firm.

While CPHA and CropLife America massively outspent supporters of the measure, they suffered a humiliating defeat. The measure passed by a margin of 56% to 43%. [5]

The failure of CPHA's campaign to defeat Measure H was ridiculed by conservative PR consultant and commentator Ross S. Irvine. "As part of its campaign, the industry took the uninspired position that the measure was badly written, would be costly and result in a tax increase. Such a notion was bland, even cold, compared to global adoration," he wrote.

For Irvine, who enthusiastically backs the biotech industry, the industry's defeat offered an important lesson. "...Passion, not money, is vital to earning public support. Passion is developed long before an issue becomes political," he wrote. [6]


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