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Wendy Heatley is the Tasmanian Greens candidate for the Pembroke by-election 2009 to be held on August 1, 2009.[1]She is a currently Director in a national role at the Australian Taxation Office.

Biographical profile

A background note states that Wendy Heatley was "raised in Pembroke, Wendy attended Howrah Primary School, Clarence High School and Rosny College. She has a strong connection with Pembroke, with her parents living in Howrah, and her family using the electorate as their “backyard” for recreational activities like going to the beach, parks and walking." She now lives in Glebe and is involved with the Glebe Progress Association, including a long period as Vice-President and "has been President of Hobart Discovery Incorporated since its inception in 1997" which manages the Philip Smith Centre in the Glebe and is used by a wide range of community groups.[2]

"Wendy has an extensive background in leadership, legal, financial and innovations roles in the Federal and State Governments. She has 20 years’ management experience including the last ten as a senior manager. A significant portion of her career has concentrated on addressing the needs of economically and socially disadvantaged people, including as a lawyer and Manager of Advice and Community Education at Legal Aid, and as Registrar/ Member of the Social Security Appeals Tribunal. Wendy is a qualified and experienced lawyer, and holds a Master of Business Administration. In 1996 she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and undertook research on school to work transition programs, and partnerships between industry and educational organisations. Wendy was also able to view at first hand the value of a state-wide planning process that had the support of the whole community, which resulted in Oregon moving from a forestry-based economy to a high-tech economy."[2]

Heatley states that she has been involved has been involved in the environmental movement since the early 1980's.[2]

Issues in the Pembroke by-election

On her website, Heatley states that she "really appreciates the beauty and fantastic lifestyle opportunities Pembroke residents have, as well as the current issues being faced by them, such as changes to Metro bus timetables and routes, increasing congestion on the Tasman Bridge and the rising cost of Government services, like electricity ... Wendy is committed to the Greens’ broad agenda of social justice, responsible economic and environmental management, and addressing climate change."[2]

On her election website Heatley identifies the key themes of her campaign as[3]:

  • Preserving and enhancing our natural and cultural heritage
  • Empowerment: Empowering individuals and communities
  • Accountability: Increasing accountability of parliament and public service
  • Transport: Improving safety, sustainability and usability of transport

She also states her opposition to the proposal by Walker Corporation to develop a canal estate in Ralph's Bay and has raised concerns about higher water and electricity charges and reduced public transport services.[3]

Contact Details

Website: http://www.wendyheatley.com/

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