Weakening relationships

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Weakening Relationships

This 1994 RJR marketing proposal cites smokers' increasing social isolation as a problem that can be leveraged in cigarette marketing:

People feel emotionally isolated, because relationships are troubled, breaking down and fragmented. They cannot maintain the kinds of friendships, families, and romantic involvement they want to have, and feel puzzled, frustrated and angry about it. People are seeking warm, meaningful, close relationships but don't know how to achieve them...Smokers are a new minority group, huddled together in limited geography where smoking is not prohibited.

The proposal discusses how to address these problems, saying

Restore belief that smokers smoke for pleasure (e .g .,American Spirit campaign)...Develop line of goods and services for smokers (e.g.,airlines, insurance,etc .) to alleviate "penalties" paid by smokers...Depict smoking in guilt free situations (e g., bars) to alleviate guilt....Depict smoking pleasure.

Date 19941222
Bates 514458742/8750
Collection RJ Reynolds
Pages 9
URL: http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/gat66d00

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