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Dr. Wayne Glass "has extensive experience and expertise in U.S. national security and foreign policy. The primary focus of his former career in Congress and the executive branch includes nuclear weapons policies and programs, non-proliferation of weapons and materials of mass destruction, and international arms control agreements. His work in international relations emphasizes U.S., NATO, Russian, and East Asian security affairs. His domestic areas of expertise include defense weapons acquisition and Department of Defense management issues. Dr. Glass is also an expert on foreign and defense policy development within the legislative and executive branches of the U.S. government.

"Major Publications: Studies published by the Congressional Budget Office, including: Economic Effects of Reducing Defense Spending, Cost and Savings of Closing Military Bases, Cleaning Up Defense Installations, Planning for Defense Affordability and Capability of the Administration's Program, Concurrent Weapons Development and Production, Assessing the Effectiveness of Milestone Budgeting, Alternative Strategies for Increasing Multiyear Procurement. Studies published by the Center for Defense Information: South Korean Elections and East Asian Security Issues, U.S. and Russian Cooperation on Missile Defense, Proposed Provisions for the Resolution of Ratification for the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty.

"Achievements: Stennis Congressional Fellow Designate; Master Alumnus, University of Denver, Graduate School of International Studies; Distinguished Service Award, Princeton University; Superior Service Award, Congressional Budget Office; Superior Service Award, Office of the Secretary of Defense; Pi Alpha Alpha National Honor Society for Public Affairs, University of Colorado; Presidential Management Intern.“ [1]

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