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(see also the articles on Enemies of freedom and Evil-doers and "Why do they hate us?" which expose the fallacious notion that the attacks of September 11, 2001 were somehow "against freedom", and the persistent denial of the known facts behind the causes of the WTC attacks.)

The war on freedom . . .

In the now customary fashion of the Banana Republicans, the term is deployed with reference to the "evil ones" and the "evil-doers" war against the freedoms of the United States, while masking the fact of the Bush administration's actions which steadily restrict and remove those same freedoms, abroad and at home, faster than the alleged enemy can identify them. [1]

The 2002 publication The War on Freedom dominates any web search on the topic.

"The recent controversy over 'who knew what when on September 11' coincides with the release of a detailed 400-page study, The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked, by a British political scientist at the Institute for Policy Research & Development (IPRD), documenting that the White House and U.S. intelligence must have known more than they admit."


  • "Terrorism here--in Israel--and wherever it strikes against a free society--galvanizes people to defend themselves--and their freedoms. ... What happened on 9/11 physically happened here, in New York City. But it was by no means just an attack on a geographical place. It was an attack on freedom-loving people everywhere . . . In opposition to those values, the terrorists have declared war." New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg [addressing] the United Nations, September 13, 2002.
"From the very beginning of this war on terror, President Bush has delivered a clear and consistent message to the terrorists. In a speech just nine days after the September 11 attacks, he said, 'Our war on terror begins with al Qaida, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped, and defeated.'"
"We have marked real progress since September 11, [2001,] but we get regular reminders that the world continues to be an unsafe place. Last week, terrorists struck in Baghdad and Jerusalem, killing more than three dozen innocent people. These bombings confirm that our enemies are engaged in a war on freedom, and they will target all people living in freedom -- including women, children, or relief workers." [emphasis added]
  • "The 'war on terror' is a massive power-mongering ploy by a corporate elite. The unfortunate reality is that the 'war on terrorism' is: a war on truth, a war on freedom, a war on justice."Don Spark of the Blue Triangle Network.
  • "He keeps repeating that canard that "terrorists hate freedom." Nonsense. There is no terrorist in the world who is a terrorist because he hates freedom. By far, the majority of terrorists are fighting for freedom of some group that doesn't have it. ... It is absurd to suppose that a human being sitting around suddenly stands up and says: "You know, I hate freedom. I think I'll go blow myself up." --Charley Reese

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