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Biographical Information

"Victoria Chick, Emeritus Professor of Economics at University College London, is one of the world’s leading scholars of Keynes and monetary economics. Her seminal work Macroeconomics After Keynes: A Reconsideration of The General Theory was described by the Cambridge Keynes scholar Geoff Harcourt as the most important economics book after the General Theory. She has also published: The Theory of Monetary Policy; On Money, Method and Keynes: Selected Essays, edited Recent Developments in Post-Keynesian Economics and Finance, Development and Structural Change and written many articles on monetary theory and policy, methodology and the economics of Keynes. She was Bundesbank Guest-Professor at the Free University of Berlin in 2000-2001 and has held visiting posts at the Reserve Bank of Australia, McGill University and the Universities of Southampton, Aarhus, Louvain, Catania, Burgundy, Berkeley and Santa Cruz. She served on the council and executive committee of the Royal Economic Society, the governing bodies of UCL and the University of London and on the editorial boards of several journals. She is now working on problems of the zero-growth economy." [1]

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