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The following are quotes made by representatives of Vets for Freedom.


  • "I feel like people are already penning the obituary on this war, ...It's still winnable in my opinion."—Wade Zirkle quoted by Claudia Parsons, Reuters, August 11, 2006.[1]
  • "The Islamo-fascists are fighting us on an asymmetrical, global battlefield that spans from Baghdad to Pakistan to Indonesia to the streets of London. To retreat from any battlefront where we are engaged with this enemy is foolish and reckless."—Wade Zirkle, VFF-AF Blog, August 11, 2006.[2]
  • On Michael Moore and Ned Lamont: "The radical fringe of American politics is preparing to destroy both Democrats and Republicans who support our fight against terror around the globe. Last night they scored their first victory. Extremists like Michael Moore are drawing the battle lines, and they will accept nothing less than full retreat from Iraq, something that will be absolutely catastrophic for our national security. ... Kudos to Joe Lieberman for not allowing himself to be bullied by these people. He has vowed to run as an independent and we encourage him to keep fighting!"—VFF-AF, August 9, 2006.[4]

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