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Officially, Valent USA Corporation, a manufacturer of insecticides and herbicides. It was originally formed in 1988 by a joint venture of Sumitomo Chemical Company (current owner) and Chevron Chemical Company, eventually merging with a company owned by Abbott Laboratories. It uses a large amount of green in its company logo. Its corporate motto as of 2013 was "Products That Work, From People Who Care". It also claims to make organic variants.

Corporate Structure

Valent operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Company. It does own and operate other corporations, including:


Executives & Officers

  • Andy Lee, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer


Valent describes the functions of the products it makes as: "Protect plants and people from pests, optimize plant yield, appearance and quality, provide essential pest resistance management tools." It does this with "biorational and traditional solutions", including "bioinsecticides". It avoids stating that any of its products are genetically engineered or bio-engineered. It makes or owns the the following:


  • Safari: Known for causing a huge bee die-off in an Oregon Target parking lot, including 50,000 bees, mostly bumble bees along with many honey bees and ladybugs.



Valent is a known member of the following business and political groups:


Its corporate headquarters is in Walnut Creek, California with US offices in Florida, Illinois, Tennessee, and Fresno.