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Under, a week of benzodiazepam is standard detox for some other addictions. Once detoxed, surrogate addictions can be employed for remedial therapy - try Court TV.

I agree that the Bush administration lacks credibility, but the administration's lack of credibility does not afford anyone a license to arbitrarily construct an alternate reality based on speculation. Iraqi insurgents have been identified as comprising unemployed former soldiers of the Iraqi Army (after Bush rejected advice to retrain and continue employing the defeated army), family members of people hurt in the US invasion, former Bath'ist leaders, miscellaneous Muslim-oriented mercenaries, and some recognized Al Queda leaders who have been captured crossing Iraq's borders. Al Queda has not played a major role in Iraq fighting, and focus on Al Queda's role in Iraq probably is somewhat overblown. On the other hand, Al Queda leaders have issued fatwa's calling fighters to fight the US occupation in Iraq. Unlike some Western interests, Al Queda's opposition to Western values is not limited to criticism of the Bush administration. Either way, the US plans to return Iraq to Iraqi control before the US elections and civil warfare is likely to dominate the Iraqi political landscape for years to come, with Al Queda playing at least some role in the violence to come.