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Ex-Wikipedian. Provides strong sources at all times for all edits. Willing to discuss edits, and whether they meet standards, at all times. Happy to discuss any issues that arise, let me know how you propose I make changes and I will do my best to compromise. --Jzyehoshua 22:45, 20 May 2010 (UTC)

About Me

I'm Joshua (jzyehoshua is just my initials JZ with Joshua using its original Hebrew spelling, since it has Hebrew origin - hey, it works across the web :) ). I play baseball for the Reds of the Northwest Adult Hardball Association (NAHA) in my spare time. Politically I am an independent who votes for 3rd party candidates in major elections, and is in many ways socially conservative (pro-life, pro-marriage, anti-evolution) but in most other ways liberal. (On the military, immigration, taxation, regulation, health care, outsourcing, etc.) Specifics on why I hold these views are explained on my Politics page. I am a Christian and an idealist.

Views on Editing

While I have strong views, I try to stay neutral and objective in editing and to present all sides equally. I want to follow the facts and provide the views of the press, regardless of whether I agree or not. I try to be fair even if that means presenting the views of those I do not agree with. Neutral editing does not mean lacking in point of view, after all (since everyone has one), but simply providing all major views in proportion to their notability and reliability of sourcing, which I strive for at all times.

Finished Articles

Articles Working On