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In August 2005 the Minister for Industry, Ian MacFarlane, announced that he had initiated the development of a three-year Uranium Industry Framework to "identify opportunities for, and impediments to, the further development of the Australian uranium mining industry over the short, medium and longer term." [1]

The framework’s Steering Group, made up of 10 industry, 1 indigenous, and 5 government representatives, will be making recommendations to the Minister on “ensuring a consistent, effective and efficient regulatory regime”, and “fostering broader community understanding and acceptance of …a safe, secure, efficient and productive Australian uranium mining industry.” [2]

Green groups have declined to participate in the Framework, so its recommendations are unlikely to be tempered by dissenting views. The Steering Committee’s ‘Independent Chairman’ is the Executive Director of Global Renewables Inc, Dr John White. Global Renewables is a subsidiary of Gold and Resources Development, a mining construction and engineering company which recently won a contract from Australian uranium company Paladin to work on a uranium project in Malawi. [3]

The first Steering Group meeting took place on the 11th August 2005. The official report of the Steering Group was released on Monday 13 November 2006.

The report argued that "The establishment of a sustainable and successful industry in Australia requires an appropriate and effective communication strategy. This will help the industry to raise public awareness of uranium mining among its stakeholders and the community, leading to community decisions that are based on informed understanding. Public information about the industry within the nuclear fuel cycle has been generated primarily by opponents of uranium mining. Information sourced from the industry in the past has been perceived as reflecting the self-interest of uranium producers. Information must be factual, accessible and easily understood, addressing community concerns as well as the economic and environmental benefits of expanding sustainable uranium mining."

It made the following recommendation on 'communication':

"The uranium industry will collaborate on the development of a multi-faceted communications strategy to ensure the delivery of objective information about the benefits and risks associated with the growth of the industry, through community engagement, the education system and media relations. The strategy will include information products focusing on the social, economic and environmental performance of the uranium industry and the strategies adopted to ensure the safety and security of the industry, as well as information products addressing issues of concern to the community."

Uranium Industry Framework Steering Group members


  • Dr John White, Executive Director, Global Renewables Ltd

Industry Members

Indigenous Sector Member

  • Mr Robert Lee, Executive Director, Jawoyn Association NT

Australian Government Members

  • Mr John Hartwell, Head, Resources Division, Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources
  • Mr Gerard Early, First Assistant Secretary, Approvals and Wildlife Division, Department of the Environment and Heritage
  • Dr Neil Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Geoscience Australia

State/ Territory Government members

  • Mr Paul Heithersay, Executive Director, Minerals Petroleum and Energy, South Australian Department of Primary Industries and Resources
  • Mr John Carroll, Chief Executive Officer, Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry Fisheries and Mines

Contact Information

Department of Industry
Uranium Industry Section
Ph) +61 2 6213 6000
Email: uif AT industry.gov.au

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