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Wisdom University (formerly known as the University of Creation Spirituality) "is committed to personal and professional renewal. Our highly differentiated pedagogy, learning methods and curriculum focus on nurturing the whole person, fostering and catalyzing personal and professional transformation. Because the whole person is nurtured, the integration of discernment and compassion is enhanced.

"The average student enrolled at Wisdom University is a professional, with an established career and one or more advanced degrees. They have come to the conclusion that they need deeper spiritual challenges in order to maintain momentum and meaning in their lives. Our students soon discover that they can continue to grow spiritually and professionally at Wisdom University, thus combining spiritual nourishment with enhanced professional qualifications." [1]

This is now incorporated into the Ubiquity University.


Accessed December 2008: [2]


Wisdom University Academic Partnerships currently exist with the following Wisdom University Chairs and their organizations/institutions: [3]

We also have Academic Partnerships with the following institutions


Accessed December 2008: [4]


The Chairs of Wisdom University are individuals of distinction who are widely recognized as contemporary wisdom teachers and who teach and conduct research and other programs at Wisdom University.

Adjunct Faculty


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