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"The White Lion Reintroduction Project was ‘officially’ birthed in 2001 with the publishing of Linda Tucker’s book “Mystery of the White Lions: Children of the Sungod”, and was the result of 10 years of research and first-hand experience of the White Lions’ natural history and mythological origins...

"2007 – Engaging strategic partner, Open Africa, to explore opportunities and logistics relating to the establishment of the White Lion Eco-Cultural Route in the region; "2007 – Acquiring legal guidance (through legal firm, Deneys Reitz) as well as the SARS (South African Revenue Services) Legal Department on the structure of a company which will acquire the land reserve earmarked for project expansion; "2007 – Partnering Dr Apelo Colerado, an advisor to the Global White Lion Protection Trust, to engage the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network to coordinate the forum for the Global Council of Indigenous Elders; "2007 – Engaging the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (CONTRALESA) to offer project advisory support and to assist in the collation of oral story-telling records from across South Africa, to be included in the national archive of indigenous oral traditions at the White Lion Heritage Centre... "2007 – Incorporation of additional adjacent land, which has been acquired specifically to support the White Lion Community Conservation Project by USA based Ms Sheryl Leach..." [1]

"The White Lion Leadership Academy goes beyond any other leadership program: It is an essential programme for any lion-hearted individual wishing to equip themselves with the tools to make a meaningful difference in today’s world.

"The objective of the Academy is to inspire and empower participants to embody White Lion leadership principles, and improve their own intellectual, emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of our planet. The program is an empowered process, which will support participants in their ability to act from the heart in making a meaningful difference to their own circumstances and their environment... Affiliated with Wisdom University (USA), participants may choose to take their leadership qualifications into academic degrees." [1]

"The pioneering White Lion Leadership Academy Founded by lion conservationist, Linda Tucker, 'Guardian of the White Lions' initiated in the ways of lion shamanism by Tsonga medicine woman Maria Khosa (Lion Queen of Timbavati)...

""Supervised by SA experts in various fields of leadership endeavour, traditional healers as well as lecturers of international acclaim, such as Oxford Professor Andrew Harvey, renowned author on sacred warriorship (and friend of the Dalai Lama) and indigenous wisdom keepers such as Dr Apela Colorado (President of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network), the program is an empowerment process, supporting participants in their ability to act from the heart in making a meaningful difference to their own circumstances and their environment." [2]


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