U.S. European Command

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The mission of the U.S. European Command (USEUCOM) is to "support and achieve U.S. interests and objectives throughout 93 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, and portions of the Middle East. The command performs a variety of functions including planning for and conducting contingency operations such as noncombatant evacuations and humanitarian relief operations; providing combat-ready forces to both Allied Command Europe and other U.S. unified commands; and conducting intelligence activities and security assistance."

The Supreme Headquarters of Allied Power Europe is at Mons, Belgium. Currently, General James L. Jones serves as Supreme Allied Commander, Europe and Commander of the U.S. European Command. As COMUSEUCOM (Commander of USEUCOM), General Jones commands five U.S. components: U.S. Army, Europe; U.S. Navy, Europe; U.S. Air Forces in Europe; U.S. Marine Forces, Europe; and Special Operations Command, Europe.

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