U.S.-Canada Smart Borders Accord

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The U.S.-Canada Smart Borders Accord border security agreement signed in 2002 "sets out the U.S.-Canada CIP Framework for Cooperation, which includes several committees looking at a variety of infrastructure protection issues." [1]

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Integrate This! is about challenging the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), an executive-level pact between the governments and corporate sectors of Canada, the United States and Mexico, which has never been debated publicly or voted on in any of the three countries. There are over 300 initiatives in the SPP aimed at harmonizing North American policies on:
But media reports often fail to link regulatory changes designed to move the SPP forward back to the broader goal of continental economic and security integration. The goal of the Integrate This! website is to make those links. As well as regular SPP updates, the site is full of reports, interviews and multimedia presentations critical of what's often called the "deep integration" of North America. News updates will be posted here regularly and archived ... The site is updated regularly so visit often, or sign up for regular updates above

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