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Triad Management Services, Inc. (D/B/A Triad Management Services) was "a for-profit corporation owned by Republican fundraiser Carolyn Malenick, [who] incorporated Triad in the spring of 1996 but appears to have operated the business as an unincorporated entity since at least early 1995," the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs reported.[1]

"Triad holds itself out as a consulting business that provides advice to conservative donors about how to maximize their political contributions. Triad oversaw advertising in 26 campaigns for the House of Representatives and three Senate races. Triad's spending may have affected the outcome of some elections [in 1996]. Because Triad is an unusual corporation directly involved in federal campaigns, the [Senate Committee on Government Affairs] investigated its work. Despite the refusal by Triad and its lawyers to comply fully with the Committee's subpoenas for both documents and testimony, the Minority developed substantial evidence of wrongdoing by Triad."[2]

The Committee concluded that evidence suggested the following:[3]

  1. "Triad exists for the sole purpose of influencing federal elections. Triad is not a political consulting business: it issues no invoices, charges no fees, and makes noprofit. It is a corporate shell funded by a few wealthy conservative Republican activists."
  2. "Triad used a variety of improper and possibly illegal tactics to help Republican candidates win election in 1996 including ... free services to Republican campaigns in possible violation of the federal prohibition against direct corporate contributions to candidates. These services included raising funds for candidates, providing consulting advice on fundraising and political strategy, and providing staff to assist candidates ...
  3. "Triad was involved in a scheme to direct funds from supporters who could not legally give more money directly to candidates, through political action committees ('PACs'), and back to candidates."
  4. "Triad operated two non-profit organizations -- Citizens for Reform and Citizens for the Republic Education Fund [i.e., Citizens for the Republic] -- as allegedly nonpartisan social welfare organizations under 501(c)(4) of the tax code and used these organizations to broadcast over $3 million in televised ads on behalf of Republican candidates in 29 House and Senate races. ... Triad. Neither organization has a staff or an office, and both are controlled by Triad."

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