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Transaction Publishers "is widely acknowledged as a major independent publisher of social scientific books, periodicals and serials. Transaction's mission is scholarly and professional inquiry into the nature of society...

"Transaction began on July 1, 1962 as part of a multiplex grant sponsored by the Ford Foundation at Washington University in St. Louis. Transaction was initially divided into a documentary films division, a public education division, and a publications division...

In 1968, as the first president of Transaction, Irving L. Horowitz "assembled a group of investors from the social science community to ensure its survival during this transition period. The two senior executives of Transaction also came to the Rutgers campus: Scott B. Bramson (now president of Express Book Freight and its client service divisions), and Mary E. Curtis (now president of the entire firm). Both are graduates of Washington University. Despite the change in ownership—from a foundation-supported university activity to a privately-funded, university-based activity—continuities over three and a half decades remain powerfully intact...

"From the outset of its conversion from a public to a private enterprise, stockholders have been eminent social scientists and scholars. Shareholders have included David Riesman, Seymour Martin Lipset, John W. Bennett, Marion J. Levy, Jr., Sheldon Messinger, Howard S. Becker, the late Aaron Wildavsky, Herbert Blumer, and Oscar Lewis. In addition, all editorial advisors within the book and periodical divisions are eminent figures in social research in their own right. In this way, Transaction has remained actively involved with university life, while maintaining an independent operating program and sense of mission.

" [1]

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