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The Trans-Texas Corridor is "a proposed multi-use, statewide network of transportation routes in Texas that will incorporate existing and new highways, railways and utility right-of-ways. Specific routes for the TTC have not been determined," its website states.

According to the Trans-Texas Corridor website, as "envisioned, each route will include" (as stated):

  • separate lanes for passenger vehicles and large trucks
  • freight railways
  • high-speed commuter railways
  • infrastructure for utilities including water lines, oil and gas pipelines, and transmission lines for electricity, broadband and other telecommunications services

"Plans call for the TTC to be completed in phases over the next 50 years with routes prioritized according to Texas’ transportation needs. TxDOT will oversee planning, construction and ongoing maintenance, although private vendors will be responsible for much of the daily operations."

Contact information

Trans-Texas Corridor website:

Texas Department of Transportation
Public Information Office
Phone: 512 463-8588

Texas Department of Transportation/Texas Turnpike Authority Division
P. O. Box 14707
Austin, Texas 78761-4704
Toll-free: 1 877 872-6789
Website: TTC - I-35 (Oklahoma to Mexico/Gulf Coast)
Website: TTC - I-69 (Northeast Texas to Mexico)

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