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The Tory Reform Group is a group of one-nation conservatives in the United Kingdom.

The Tory Reform Group represents the mainstream Conservative beliefs that still have their finest expression in Disraeli's call for "One Nation". From the time Robert Peel proclaimed the duty of Conservatives as including the correction of proved abuses and the redress of real greivences, through the tremendous social reforms of Disraeli's Home Secretary Richard Cross in the 1870s, to the contemporary vision of a socially just, economically prosperous nation, mainstream Conservatism has always had a popular appeal. As the Conservatives developed social and welfare policies to serve the needs of successive generations, so they came to dominate the politics of the 20th century. Figures such as Churchill, Butler, Macleod, Macmillan and Heath, together with popular figures of today, such as Clarke and Heseltine, have always carried this brand of Conservatism forward.

Address: TRG Office, 29 Tufton Street, London SW1P 3QL


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