This cigarette EXPLODED while sitting in the ashtray

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In reference to the enclosed Doral cigarette remains: This cigarette EXPLODED while sitting in the ashtray (THANK GOODNESS)

A woman writes to Doral & Co. R.J. Reynolds in 1998 to complain that her cigarette exploded while sitting in the ashtray. She writes that the ash became airborne and landed on a piece of cardboard about 2 feet from her ashtray. She comments that she was grateful it did not land on her couch, carpet or in her eye. She writes,

I realize that a lot of scary garbage goes into tobacco, however THIS was potentially a very dangerous situation.

Author: Beauchamp JC, Wyoming Minnesota
Date: 19980710
Bates: 524105030/5032
Collection: R.J. Reynolds
Pages: 3

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