The Wreath I Made for Christmas

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A loyal smoker of MORE brand cigarettes writes to R.J. Reynolds to share her creative, environmentally sensitive use for the many empty cigarette packs she generates:

"More Cigs:

Thought maybe you would like to see this wreath I made for last Christmas. It's made out of your MORE cig packs. I empty so many of them -- I thought there ought to be something I could do to recycle them and one day I thought of this. Enjoyed my wreath and wanted to share it with you.

Hazel Quarles

P.S. - They also make great bows for packages."

Consumer letters like this show the special relationship that many smokers develop with their cigarette manufacturers and their brand. R.J. Reynolds fosters such relationships by sending smokers holiday cards, coupons, lighters and free packs of cigarettes. In the past, RJR mailed out special packs of Camels with the phrase "Season's Greetings" printed on them. These packs became treasured items for many smokers. See this letter from a smoker who proudly displayed her husband's CAMEL "Season's Greetings" pack on top of the family TV set, where the couple's 2 year old daughter got ahold of it and destroyed it. The woman wrote RJR to ask for another pack.

Date: 10 May 1996
Length: 2 pages
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