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The Washington Free Beacon is the online publication of the self-proclaimed "conservative advocacy group" the Center for American Freedom. According to its website, the publication is "dedicated to uncovering the stories that the professional left hopes will never see the light of day."[1] It is described in The New York Times as "a conservative news outlet financially backed by Paul Singer, a billionaire New York hedge fund manager and major Republican donor."[2]

Conservative 'Free Beacon' Fronts for Taiwan Lobby

The Free Beacon has multiple posts calling for more F-16 fighter jet sales to the island nation, and has branded skeptics of militarization as “pro-China” activists, according to The Nation. The site, however, fails to disclose the fact that its sponsor is a lobbyist for a firm dedicated to helping Taiwan advance its policy agenda. There is no disclosure on the Free Beacon website that its chairman, Michael Goldfarb, is paid to lobby for Taiwan and other interest groups.[3]


Michael Goldfarb, who in addition to writing also worked as deputy communications director for the John McCain presidential bid,[4] founded the Free Beacon with “several million dollars” in January of 2012, according to Politico.[5] The Free Beacon began publication on February 7, 2012.[6]



  • Michael Goldfarb, Chairman
  • Matthew Continetti, Editor in Chief
  • Sonny Bunch, Managing Editor
  • Andrew Stiles, Digital Managing Editor
  • Robert Charette, Associate Editor
  • Bill Gertz, Senior Editor
  • Adam Kredo, Senior Writer
  • Alana Goodman, Staff Writer
  • Elizabeth Harrington, Staff Writer
  • Bill McMorris, Staff Writer
  • David Rutz, Video Editor




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