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The Shaw Group, Inc.
Type Public (NYSESGR)
Headquarters 4171 Essen Ln.
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Key people J.M. Bernhard Jr., CEO
Industry Construction
Environmental Remediation
Industrial Maintenance
Electric Producer
Revenue $5.72 billion (2007)[1]
Net income $19.0 million (2007)[1]
Employees 27,000 (2007)
Divisions Shaw Fossil & Nuclear
Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure
Shaw Energy & Chemical
Shaw Maintenance
Shaw Fabrication & Manufacturing
Subsidiaries Over 200 subsidiares

The Shaw Group Inc. was founded in 1987 as a fabrication shop in Baton Rouge. Since then, they have evolved into a huge engineering, construction, fabrication, enviromental and industrial services organization with over 19,500 employees in locations around the world. [2]


The group was founded in 1987 by Jim Bernhard, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and two individuals as a fabrication shop. The company was originally known as Shaw Industries Inc. The company grew by acquiring stock of Alloy Piping Products, Fronek A/DE, Inc, Naptech, Inc., Pipe Shields Inc., United States Crafts, Inc., Merit Industrial Constructors, Inc., Cojafex B.V., Prospect Industries plc, joined with Entergy Corporation to create EntergyShaw L.L.C., Stone & Webster Inc., The IT Group, Inc., Envirogen, Inc., MWR, Inc., Badger Technologies from Washington Group International, and Energy Delivery Services from Duke Energy Global Markets, Inc. In 2006 the company acquired a 20% interest in the Westinghouse Electric Company. The company has grown by 18,000 employees in 18 years.

Power portfolio

The Shaw Group did not own any power plants in 2005. However, Shaw's subsidiaries are currently developing a number of power projects, including the Cash Creek Generation project and the Taylorville Energy Center project.[3]

Defense contracts

The Shaw Group is active in many areas of construction in the global market. As well, their services are called upon by the Department of Defense, ranking 83rd overall between 1998-2003 with a total of $1,139,031,714 in defense contracts. [1]

On January, 22, 2004, Shaw Group subsidiary, Shaw Enviromental & Infrastructure, won a $75,749,910 contract for renovations at the Al Kasik military base in Iraq.


After Katrina hit, the Shaw group hired the former head of the Projects and Contracting Office in Baghdad, Charles Hess, who also had experience working at FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers. [2]

As well, Shaw is one of several companies who won contracts from FEMA who are represented by former FEMA head, Joe Allbaugh. Other clients include Fluor Corporation and Kellogg Brown and Root. [3]

Shaw has been awarded seven contracts to assist in the post-Katrina recovery:

  • Contract 1: $77,162,809 through FEMA.
  • Contract 2: $100,000,000 through Army Corps for FEMA mission assignment.
  • Contract 3: $29,000,000 for Shaw Environmental through Army Corps for FEMA mission assignment.
  • Contract 4: $121,468,078 for Shaw Constructors through Army Corps for FEMA mission assignment.
  • Contract 5: $2,029,000 through Environmental Protection Agency as a mission assignment for FEMA.
  • Contract 6: $400,000 for Shaw Environmental through Army Corps for FEMA mission assignment.
  • Contract 7: $8,431,291 through Army Corp for FEMA mission assignment [4]


  • The company was founded as Shaw Industries in 1987.
  • In 1993 Shaw Industries:
Formed Shaw Nass Middle East, WLL, a partnership with Abdulla Ahmed Nass, a Bahrainian entity, to operate a fabrication facility in Bahrain.
Formed Shaw-Formiconi, CA (now known as Manufacturas Shaw South America, CA), a partnership with Formiconi CA to operate a fabrication facility in Venezuela.
Acquired Shaw Sunland Fabricators, Inc which put the company's employee base just below 2,000.
Changed name to the Shaw Group Inc and went public with 3.125 million shares on the NASDAQ at $14.50.
  • In 1994 Shaw acquired the Fronek Compnay, Inc. and FCI Pipe Support Sales, Inc.
  • In 1996 they acquired Word Industries Fabricators, Naptech, Inc. and stock of Alloy Piping Products and Pipe Shields. Inc.
  • In 1997 Shaw acquired United Crafts, Inc., Merit Industrial Construction, Cojafex BV in Holland, Prospect Industries, plc, and Lancas, CA in Venezuela.
  • In 2002 Shaw opened a facility in Cgina and acquired The IT Group, Inc., bringing the company's employee total to 18,000.
  • In 2003 Shaw acquired stock of Envirogen, Inc. and MWR, Inc., assets of Badger/P&C and stock of Energy Delivery Services.
  • In 2005 Shaw was awarded contacts with FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers to assist in Katrina related recoveries. [5]


Political connections

  • The founder of the company, Jim Bernhard, was the head of the Louisiana Democrat Party before stepping down to recently.
  • Jeffery S. Merrifield, vice-president of the company's power group, was on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission two weeks before he joined the Shaw Group. In his last few months at the NRC, "Merrifield vigorously championed several major policy initiatives that directly benefited his future employer," including a change that reduced government and public oversight of new nuclear power plant construction, and changes to the approval process for new nuclear plant construction that scaled back public hearings and public comment periods. [4]

Contact details

The Shaw Group Inc
4171 Essen Lane
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone: (225) 932 2500
Fax: (225) 932 2661

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