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Jump to navigation Jump to search describes itself "an aggregator of news about Russia from alternative sources." They explain:

"The number of such alternative media-sources is rapidly increasing. Russian and geopolitical scholars, like Stephen Cohen, F. William Engdahl and Paul Craig Roberts, have no problem to find media wanting to transmit their knowledge to a wider and wider audience.
"RT (Russia Today) is only one of the alternative channels. Being funded by the Kremlin, it is of course classified by “the West” as a “bullhorn for Russian propaganda”, even if their reporting is much more truthful than the reporting in the mainstream media.
" does, however, not use RT as a major source. Neither do we use much from other Russian media-sources reporting in English (like, for example, Sputnik and TASS). We do cite a lot. We believe it is an excellent source, which mix their own content with articles from guest-writers and collected from other places on the Internet.[1]

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