The Pangaea Project

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The Pangaea Project

"Although The Pangaea Project was officially launched in April of 2003, its origins go back many years. Exposure to many different parts of the world at an early age planted the seed of the idea for Pangaea that would brew in the hearts and minds of each of the founders for years before its inception.

"In September of 2002, Stephanie and Deb met at a Portland-based non-profit that helps resettle refugees and immigrants from around the world. Although they quickly learned of their mutual respect for other cultures and their love of international travel, they wouldn’t know until seven months later that they shared a similar life dream. Until Deb asked Stephanie what she wanted to do upon finishing graduate school, she had never verbalized her dream job: to begin a program giving low-income youth the opportunity to travel to other countries, where they would participate in community service projects and develop leadership skills, which was the very idea that Deb had been developing on her own for many years." [1]

"Mission Statement: By engaging teenagers from underserved neighborhoods in local and international service-learning projects, The Pangaea Project promotes the development of leadership skills, increases global awareness, and fosters a commitment to work towards social change, profoundly transforming both the participants and their communities." [2]


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