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The Conservative Monday Club is a conservative British think tank and lobbying organization founded in 1961 by the Marquis of Salisbury and others.

The original tenants of the Conservative Monday Club supported Rhodesian (Zimbabwe) independence, the death penalty and was pitted against Republicanism in Northern Ireland.

Currently included in the aims of the Conservative Monday Club are "a continual zero tolerance campaign by the police... Christian teaching and morals... Conservative values" and "The promotion of the family unit." [1]

The club is the sponsor and founder of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), a right-wing action group within the CMC.

The Conservative Monday Club has been implicated, according to [Paul Erasmus] and the African National Congress in the intentional political slander of Winnie Mandela as an "...alcoholic [who] was using marijuana, and [other] character assassination ploys as we could muster. Through bodies like the Conservative Monday Club in Britain and the Short Forum [?] in the United States, the principal agent ultimately succeeded in getting information I supplied to members of John Major's government and to... the international media. Several British Members of Parliament were involved in spreading this information, including Mr. Andrew Hunter and the information itself was further bolstered by the creation of forged documents and hundreds of letters..." [2]

In 2002 the members of the club were asked to support the following tenants: "to [oppose] the propagation of any kind of racial hatred" and to welcome any Conservative as a member "irrespective of their [sic] racial origin or religion." [3]


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