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Dr. Tewolde Gebre Egziabher "is General Manager of the Environmental Protection Authority of the government of Ethiopia, and a board member of the San Francisco-based International Forum on Globalization. He was born in Ethiopia, educated at Addis Ababa University, and subsequently studied for a doctorate in plant biology at the University of North Wales. He has been Dean of the Faculty of Science at Addis Ababa and Keeper of the National Herbarium. He was also President of Asmara University (1983-1991).

"Dr. Tewolde is one of Africa’s most outstanding advocates and defenders of community and environmental rights. He was chief negotiator for the African group in the main biodiversity related negotiations during the 1990s, and gained international recognition for his wit and tenacity as negotiator for developing countries in the Biosafety negotiations. He has also pioneered the drafting of two state of the art Model Laws on Biosafety and Community Rights. In December 2000, Dr. Tewolde was awarded the Right Livelihood Award." [1]

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