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"She has played a major role in the growth of Complementary Medicine since the 1980s Her influence has grown with the launch of her books The Hale Clinic Guide to Good Health and Breathing Free, together with a television series on complementary medicine. Teresa founded the Hale Clinic, London in 1987. The Prince of Wales opened the clinic officially in 1988 and Teresa has been at the helm as Managing Director ever since.

"A Philosophy and Economics graduate with a Post Graduate degree in Education; it was her interest in yoga which steered Teresa towards complementary medicine. As a Yoga instructor she found that students would frequently ask her to refer them to homeopaths, naturopaths, osteopaths etc. Seeing the need for a centre where members of the public could consult a range of Complementary Therapists, she decided to start up the Nine Clinic in Kensington. It soon became apparent that the demand for this type of health centre was enormous and it wasn’t long before the space had to be abandoned for larger premises. The move took place in June 1987 when the Hale Clinic opened in London’s elegant Park Crescent. Thirty purpose built consulting rooms, a library/ bookshop and a dispensary are housed in the stately Nash Terrace Building.

"Over 100 different treatments are available from the 90 practitioners who are based at the Clinic. Chiropractors, healers, reflexologists and masseurs work side by side treating a whole range of conditions. Many of the therapists are multi-disciplinary and a number are qualified medical doctors. Teresa believes that complementary medicine should not be seen as an alternative to orthodox medicine, as no system has the whole answer to every medical problem. It is the aim of the Hale Clinic to attract the highest calibre practitioner to help further the acceptance of complementary medicine throughout the community and to offer the public a different approach to health care.

"Teresa Hale has lectured in the USA, Italy, UK and Dubai. She was Patron of the first Health and Well Being Exhibition in The Middle East. She has appeared in a documentary on The Clinic on Discovery Channel as well as CNN, the major news networks and several TV programmes. She also initiated a pilot research project on stroke patients at Hammersmith Hospital.Following the launch of her book, The Hale Clinic Guide to Good Health, Teresa has received critical acclaim and following in her quest to raise awareness of the benefits of a holistic lifestyle. "[1]

She wrote the foreword for Liz Simpson 's The Book of Chakra Healing (Gaia Books).


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