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Teresa Chambers, a former US Park Police Chief, was fired on Friday, July 9, 2004 after criticizing the lack of funding for the US Park Police divison from the Bush administration in interviews with the media. [1]

Chambers' husband set up the website www.honestchief.com in December 2003 "so that the American people could 'witness' the issues in this case."

In her October 8, 2005, Op-Ed posted on Wayne Madsen's Madsen Report, Chambers wrote about her situation:

"I joined the 'ranks' of whistleblowers on December 2, 2003, when a major newspaper printed a story in which I confirmed for them what many of us already knew - we, the members of the United States Park Police, could no longer provide the level of service that citizens and visitors had grown to expect in our parks and on our parkways in Washington, D.C., New York City, and San Francisco."
"Through the webmaster's regular updates, the website has provided transparency to my situation by including an audio library and making key documents available for viewing, including the transcripts of depositions of top officials and their testimony during a key administrative hearing.
"Suppression of information is spreading - gag orders, nondisclosure agreements, and the government's refusal to turn over documents. In agencies that span Federal service, conscientious public servants are struggling to communicate vital concerns to their true employers - the American public. Is anyone listening?"

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