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"The Temple of Ascension™ (TOA) founded by Raven Sinclaire, is a community dedicated to supporting the spiritual evolution of the planet and the individual journeys of us all. Our members, or "Guardians" have all completed a series of initiations and share a desire to deepen their connection to the Divine as expressed through the natural world. TOA is connected to ancient Egypt through Hermetic mysteries and the Magdalene stream through the Egyptian mystery schools... There are currently two Oracles who may ordain guardians through their own programs: Raven Sinclaire in North Carolina and Teri “Crow” Barnett in Indiana." [1]

In Sep 14, 2018 an "Guardians-Only Event" is hosting "Andrew Harvey: Sacred Activism & Birth of a New Humanity", They note: "This is a once in a lifetime chance to be transformed in an intimate setting with Andrew Harvey, who has been called "the greatest spiritual teacher of our time." Magdalenes know his work from our Sacred Activism initiation. He coined this term and speaks to international audiences on the art of making sacred change in the world, among many other subjects." [1]

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