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Tatiana Mukakibibi, "a producer and host of various shows on Radio Rwanda, was arrested on October 2, 1996. The day after her arrest, a police inspector asked her to admit that she had visited Uganda under the protection of Father Andre Sibomana (a former director of Kinyamateka and a Reporters Without Borders-Fondation de France Award laureate, who passed away in March 1998). Ms Mukakibibi was told that if she admitted to the visit, she would be let go. She refused. Five days later, she was officially charged with distributing weapons and killing Eugene Bwanamudogo, an ethnic Tutsi, who produced radio programmes for the ministry of agriculture. According to Tatiana Mukakibibi, she was framed in an attempt to arrest her former colleague, Fr. André Sibomana, who had sent reports to international organizations denouncing abuses by Tutsis in revenge for the April 1994 massacres. The Rwandan journalist is currently being held under terrible conditions in a group cell in Ntenyo (near Gitarama). She has never been tried, and no date has been set for her release." [1]

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