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{{#badges: Front groups}}In 2006 Tasmanians for a Better Future, a front group for mostly anonymous business donors, ran television and print advertisement urging a vote for majority government. The cost of the advertising was estimated to have cost between $100,000[1] and $300,000[2].

Print advertisements

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"This election is vitally important for Tasmania. We urge our fellow Tasmanians to vote to ensure majority government," a Tasmanians for a Better Future newspaper advertisement stated.

Under the headline, the advertisement featured a dozen photos of individuals and families that endorsed the advertisement. Those featured in the photos were:

The text to the advertisement stated "Tasmania suffered badly under past hung parliaments and minority governments. Development was lost and investment dried up. Unemployment was high, young people were leaving and families were packing up and heading for the mainland, and the property market was a basket case. We don't want that to happen again. Today, we head the growth table for the nation. The state has never been more prosperous. Ensure Tasmania's future stays bright. On 18 March, vote for strong, stable majority government." The authorisation stated "Tasmanians for a Better Future. Written and authorised by T. Harrison for Tasmanians for a Better Future, 85 Macquarie Street, Hobart, 7000."

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