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Talking Drum Studio-Liberia (TDS-L) is funded by Search for Common Ground. It "is moving forward with the production of six quality programmes, Common Ground News Features, WOMAN, Today Is Not Tomorrow, Golden Kids News, Situation Report, and One Step Beyond, which continue to make an impact in Liberia.

"Common Ground News Features airs twice weekly and focuses on important news issues affecting the peace process and humanitarian work in Liberia. The program also pays special attention to the effect of the war on children and women and what initiatives are being made to address these key issues.

"WOMAN is a monthly production that highlights the activities and voices of women in the unfolding peace process.

"Golden Kids News airs every week and features popular young reporters who highlight social issues facing children in Liberia. Recent reports have addresses issues surrounding the struggles of child soldiers, seperated children, and street children.

"Today is not Tomorrow is TDS-L's new soap opera that began airing in October, 2003. Following the model of Talking Drum Studio-Sierra Leone's outstanding success with the soap opera Atunda Ayenda, Today is not Tomorrow will help address peace and conflict issues, public health issues, and a variety of other topics through the very popular medium of radio drama. Today is not Tomorrow airs three times per week in fifteen minute episodes. Every weekend there is a half-hour review and discussion of the week's issues.

"Situation Report is designed to create a forum for communication between internally displaced people (IDPs) and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA). The format highlights issues facing IDPs in one program and then airs the UN-OCHA response in the following program.

"One Step Beyond fosters dialogue between high profile stakeholders in the Liberian peace process. These individuals and representatives have the power to influence policy and programming. In September 2003, our programming featured a number of high-profile stakeholders including representatives from both sides of the conflict. The guests included: General Sekou Conneh, LURD Chairman; Joe Gbala, LURD Secretary; Alhaji Kromah, former ULIMO-K leader, and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, former presidential candidate and standard bearer of the UNITY party. [1]

"The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has announced the selection of the 2006-07 Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows, providing for 5 months study in Washington DC. John Kollie, Senior Producer of Talking Drum Studio in Liberia, was one of 18 new fellows who were selected out of more than 300 applications for a Fellowship." [2]



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