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Shouldn't ZB's long history of geopolitical spin be mentioned in more depth here? He actually claimed some credit for the fall of the USSR, which given him having some relationship with Pope John Paul II and the Polish community in the US of ocurse might be fair enough. But also he claimed some credit for luring the USSR into its own "Vietnam" in Afghanistan, which also helped kill it, but which rebounded on Afghans and Americans with deadly consequences 15 years later in 2001. All part of the law of unintended consequences?

Perhaps you do or maybe you do not know that the SourceWatch is in its "infancy" ... and everyone or anyone who desires to add is welcome to ... so .. GO FOR IT!

HOWEVER, after having looked at the "additions" to the ZB file, I would suggest that before leveling allegations or assertions of what might be believed, it is best advised that those allegations and/or assertions are backed by some fact, such as a report, research, or other primary source of information which is verifiable. That is the gold standard for research.

4/21/03 12:43 (EST) AI