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I've tried pretty hard to find out information about Stalinksy, but have had no luck. He's an extraordinarily prolific writer of articles, but nonetheless has no biography online anywhere, not even on the MEMRI website, and no one has ever interviewed him, at least so far as I can tell researching via the Internet. I can't even find a photograph. It's like this guy doesn't exist at all. Does anyone know anything about him?

The material posted today is the most found to date. It does not appear that Steven Stalinsky wrote/published prior to November 2001, at approximately the same times he became executive director of MEMRI. Best guess? A pseudonym ... no pics, no bios, no profiles, no identity other than as executive director of MEMRI.

"Stalinsky" was scheduled March 30, 2005, for two radio appearances (Hour 1 and Hour 4) on the "John Batcheldor Show". He was identified as "President of the Middle East Media Research Institute". Unlike most of Batcheldor's guests, there is no bio or pic provided for Stalinsky (scroll down page). He was the only guest scheduled to speak within both fifteen-minute segments.

Artificial Intelligence 06:12, 5 Feb 2006 (EST)