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This page should be deleted and merged with the other McIntyre page

Sourcewatch has two pages on the same topic - a page on "Stephen McIntyre" and another very similar page on "Steve McIntyre". His full name is "Stephen" and the "Stephen" page has more content, so we should keep that page and replace the "Steve" page with a redirect link. If we don't do this the two pages will gradually diverge, which would be bad.

Advanced degree?

It states " He does not have an advanced degree", I think thats not true. IIRC McC has a Masters in Mathematics from Oxford University. Thats advanced IMHO

E&E is indexed now

The claim that Energy And Environment isn't indexed by ISI was used to attack it waaaaaay back when, but it's no longer true - the journal got indexed years ago. They still have a sidebar graphic to that effect on their homepage . Hence, I'm going to remove the "not indexed by ISI" line.