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The IRS Form 990 available for free at, shows that Public Interest Watch received $124,094 between August 1st, 2003 and July 31st, 2004. Under Contributors, the "Exxon Mobile Corporation" (sic) is listed as contributing $120,000. In other words, the most recent records available show that 97% of their funding comes from the ExxonMobil corporation. No surprise to see who is really behind this hack organization. For more information see


Correction - I mistakenly confused the SEC and IRS databases. The former lists registered companies while the IRS database doesn't list registerd non-profits. So when I searched the IRS site for Public Interest Watch I got no results and included this in the earlier version of the article. In fact the IRS site doesn't list any registered non-profits, which I discovered on rechecking. So I deleted the no results note and PIW's comments on the point. --Bob Burton 02:18, 16 Jun 2004 (EDT)

Charlie Cray, "Exxon Exxposed: Throwing stones in glass gas stations", Guerrilla News, March 22, 2006

Oil front group tries to trigger an IRS audit of Greenpeace
The Wall Street Journal reports that ExxonMobil is the key funder of a front group called Public Interest Watch which has been pushing the IRS to audit Greenpeace. Greenpeace says an IRS auditor told it that the PIW letter triggered the audit.

The WSJ article referenced requires a subscription, which I don't have. If I come up with another location, I'll post it.

--hugh_manateee 18:56, 29 Mar 2006 (EST)