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Newt Gingrich & Progress and Freedom Foundation

Paul Weyrich (then president of NET = National Empowerment Television), "My $50,000 dinner with Newt", The Washington Times, February 10, 1995

"[Newt Gingrich's] Progress and Freedom Foundation, on whose show he appears weekly, pays NET for the privilige. Newt gets no compensation whatsoever for appearing on that show"

Philip J. Hilts, "F.D.A. becomes Target Of Empowered Groups", New York Times, February 11, 1995

At the same time, industry officials say they do not want to offend the new powers in Washington. Among those they are least eager to alienate is Mr. Gingrich, who has called the [FDA] "the leading job-killer in America."

One source of financing of Mr. Gingrich's college video courses is the Progress and Freedom Foundation, a conservative advocacy group in Washington. Among the foundatioin's donors are half a dozen companies that do business with the agency, including two for which Mr. Gingrich has personally written letters urging approval of their products, agency documents show.

Alan Bash, "Calling into question deals that give Gingrich airtime", USA today, February 28, 1995

Capital Hill staffers say NET was not targeted by Democrats last week since NET doesn't give Gingrich free time. The Progress and Freedom Foundation think tank pays NET approximately $140,000 a year to air Progress Report and the college course.

The Foundation's Jeff Eisenach says charges of influence peddling "strike me as bizarre," since the call-in show and the course are "truely non-partisan," while no one complains when Gingrich's partisan speeches air on C-SPAN.

Bonzai 19:43, 3 Jul 2004 (EDT)

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