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Anschutz Listed as Possible KR Suitor

NEW YORK With the news that Knight Ridder has retained Goldman Sachs to help with a possible sale of the company, there is new speculation regarding would-be buyers.

Philip Anschutz has surfaced as a potential suitor, according to a report issued today from Merrill Lynch analyst Lauren Rich Fine. The research firm "knows little about his operations" but they're not ruling him out as a possibility.

Merrill also revisits the idea of Gannett making a play for Knight Ridder. Analysts recently estimated that the company could pay up to $80 per share for Knight Ridder but upon further consideration said "that's not Gannett's style."

Gannett would more likely pay $68 per share in a non-dilutive deal that would benefit shareholders. Yet, Gannett's new CEO Craig Dubow seems more bent on acquiring alternative media. "If Gannett were not to bid, that could hurt the public companies' valuations," the report said. "If they do bid, we believe there is only modest upside."

Tribune has been crossed off Merrill's list given the company's own "issues." (Last week, Merrill Lynch suggested that Tribune could be headed the way of Knight Ridder). McClatchy could put its name in the hat though it would take away from its focus on growth markets.

Hearst and Newhouse, two private newspaper companies, would probably not be interested, according to the report. And private equity firms would most likely not get the returns needed to make a deal attractive.

Source: Jennifer Saba, "Anschutz Listed as Possible KR Suitor", Editor and Publisher, November 14, 2005

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