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Moving unsourced paragraph, contributed by User:Tellthetruth52 here. -- Diane Farsetta 10:32, 5 January 2009 (EST)

In reality, ProActive Communications is responsible for establishing NY AREA and other Entergy focused group. ProActive acquired a consulting/government affairs contract from Entergy to create a 3rd party advocacy group. ProActive gave "contributions" to several New York based groups who in turn paid member fees to NY AREA (all funds of which came from Entergy). NY AREA chairman, Jerry Kremer, is actually a paid consultant of ProActive Communications who also worked with ProActive Communications on their Phillip Morris account. In consultation with Entergy, ProActive guides NY AREA to support the strategic objectives of Entergy.

Placing unsourced information, added by User:Eyeonyou here:

Entergy hired ProActive Communications, a Virginia based public policy group to create and manage New York AREA, as well as a group in Vermont and Mass to help plants they have in those states. New York AREA's Chairman, Jerry Kremer, is paid by New York AREA through funds funneled through ProActive. He is a New York based consultant who also works on a coalition building contract for Philip Morris USA managed by ProActive.