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I relocated the following comment that was posted on an inappropriate page.--Bob Burton 19:43, 9 March 2009 (EDT)


Ha! Ha! They all laughed when Chuck Harder, from "for the people" a short wave radio show from white springs Florida tried to warn the whole world about Bill Clinton and his so called interdependency ideas about opening up trade with Mexico and the world. NAFTA as it was called, and how NAFTA was going to make life better for all of us in America and the World. Free Trade a better word for it, or how about Unfair Trade. It has been yeas since Chuck warned us about this, and most everyone laughed. It isn't going to effect my job. "Well how wrong they were." It not only has ruined our Manufacturing base but is now the main cause of the current recession and soon to be depression, that is right folks, Free Trade has brought us here at this moment in time and is now about to fall in our laps as an economic failure. Congress is in a state of denial, but fails to do anything to correct it, we could begin solving our economic problem by getting out of NAFTA, GAT and all the Free Trade ripoffs that the last two incompetent idiot Presidents have gotten us into. America, or any country cannot have a strong economy without a strong manufacturing base. America cannot import more that it exports and still expect to have a strong economy. America must export. What about Tariffs, answer, we need tariffs. Tariffs provide countries with money that pays there expenditures. Schools, Medical care, Public projects, and on and on. American workers are being pulled under by over taxation of property and goods, that would otherwise be paid for by higher tariffs. So, yes, we need protectionist policies. We need Tariffs, to pay our bills. So, my friend Free Trade is a terrible mistake and an economic failure, for all of us.