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How is the DoD psychically influencing American Citizens utilizing technological devices that have been and are currently "classified"? The answer is: utilizing technological devices whose patents are revealed on The existence of such insidious tools seem too shocking and implausible to the already ignorant, deceived, and distracted sensibilities of the American public which have always been shaped by their PR. Generally, a majority of American citizens haven't bothered to investigate the nature of classified info or covert operations and hence believe comforting lies told to them by these masters of subterfuge. The DIA has manufactured this denial and avoidance in the minds of the general public citizen taxpayers of the fact that they're capable of such sophisticated covert manipulations. Plausible deniability is their most effective tactic for maintaining covert status of "psychic influencing" using classified mind control technology, the intended result of their media monopoly's authoritarian, security paradigm promoters' chicanery about the war on terror, which is the ultimate front for the ultimate covert control. Plausible deniability and distraction from knowledge of covert operations has been and is the intention, goal, and desired outcome that the DoD works constantly to influence into the minds of the American public. Ironically, the internet, the creation of the DoD, will be the means by which the American public learns of the "mind control" that is the hidden foundation of American social reality paradigms insidiously designed to manufacture compliance to totalitarian objectives of dominance and control over all living beings on Earth. I know this because I am a target of covert counter-terrorism proactive preemptive operations and have been observing them for about a year now.

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Worth Keeping?

I'm wondering about the value of keeping this page. At the moment it is tied to material from a single source and in the four years of its existence has evolved little. In comparison the Wikipedia article (see ) is much more extensive and useful to readers. I'm inclined to delete the article but ensure the most useful of the articles in the Other SW Resources section are linked to on at least one other page. Anyone object to that plan? --Bob Burton 23:10, 13 June 2007 (EDT)