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bob -- eliminating the "Larouchite" material, as you describe it, also eliminates the Darbyite foundation to both Gerson's and Bush's "belief system", which (the Darby foundation) is extremely significant to how "Bush" "thinks" ... all the us vs them, good vs evil, preemptive, yada yada yada .... perhaps you can find a way to get it back in without comprising what appears to be a SourceWatch bias against Larouche, one man, IMO, who has been pretty darn on target about a whole of this Bush "stuff" .... AI

AI - will revisit tomorrow - outta time now -- bob

-- the most import par of the deleted material -- working through

"Gerson is alumnus of Wheaton College, a center of 'Darbyite' fanaticism, out of which came, for example, America's most widely known televangelist Billy Graham, the same who blessed George Herbert Walker Bush, on the eve of the 1991 Gulf War and Graham's son Franklin Graham, who is at the forefront of the anti-Islamic 'Clash of Civilizations' fundamentalist ideologues. Wheaton is funded by the Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation, run by the family which is deeply involved in pushing the Christian right wing agenda. Gerson was formerly the Senate aide, to then Indiana Republican 'Conservative Revolution' Senator Dan Coats, now the American Ambassador to Germany."

Source: Citizens Electoral Council (Australian Alert Service) [3], October 24, 2002.